Hockey Ball Juggling to goal!

I just went out this past Labor Day weekend to mess around.  Found a hockey ball at the rink and decided to give it a whirl.  It was about 92 degrees out and hot out on the rink so the ball was like mush.  It was one of those water filled balls too.  Extra mushy.  Still something different but nothing giving anyone the “Wow” factor.


78mph? Slapshot into hockey goal. You be the judge!

I have no idea how fast this hockey puck is traveling.  The only reason I say 78mph is that I shot 10 pucks into a net at a store about 16 or so years ago and the average speed was 78mph.  Some slaps went faster some slower but I don’t have a way to see how fast this shot is.  Shot taken with a Reebok 4k Hockey stick btw. What do you all think?

Welcome to Upper Corner Hockey!

The web site dedicated to the purest shot in hockey!  The upper corner!  This site will compliment other’s photos and videos from the web along with our own “Original” Content. So I hope you all enjoy.
I had this idea the other night and figured I would make a little logo / bookend for my inline hockey videos.  I am just getting back into hockey after close to a 15 year hiatus.  I just picked up a new Reebok 4k P. Datsyuk p38 40kp with 85 flex Hockey Stick.  I am no pro by any means.  Just getting out and enjoying myself while shooting.  I needed some exercise and this beats any other alternatives for now.  =)

Brent Dolan