Summer time is for hockey! the EZ goal way

Well I put my money where my mouth is…  and bought an EZ Goal with backstop! I’ve been so busy (and that is no excuse) to get to the outdoor local rink lately…  It is also still covered with snow and slush (again still no excuse) ok these are all bad excuses I must say… So I finally ordered an EZ Goal…  with the added backstop so I don’t have to be chasing pucks when I am trying to go Upper Corner all the time…   I know I know what you are thinking… “Brent, what happened to your shooting tarp?”  I still have it… but I miss the sound of ringing that pipe!  Also hard to use (absolutely impossible actually) to use my radar gun with the hockey Shooting Tarp.  So my “Goal” (pun intended) is to set up this goal and shoot a lot more… Now that I’ll have access at my house to shoot there will be no excuse… Lets just hope the neighbors don’t mine me hockey sniping right before the sun goes down!

I”ll keep ya posted and click the link before if you are looking for an EZ Goal
$10 off $100 order use: UPPER10OFF