Future is created by what you do today! not tomorrow! hockey motivational meme


The old saying is “don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today!” (or something like that)  yeah well… I like this one a bit better… a little more modern for the times!  Don’t waste the day because it is a day you don’t like.  Make Mondays for Hockey!  Saucer, hockey snipe, practice stick handing… do what ever it takes to move forward and Enjoy every second!

Upper Corner Hockey

Play today thank yourself tomorrow…

Nothing more rewarding then doing something for well being… This doesn’t come into play as much for all you young hockey players… but for us over 35 geezers it does…  When you are young you have to burn off all this energy you have stored up… energy levels are high and you just want to go out and give it everything ya got… wake up and do it all again tomorrow… well for us older guys or gals for that matter we don’t have that kind of energy… it takes almost everything we got to get back out there but is that an excuse?  No… it doesn’t fly because when you get out on to that ice and glide around and shoot some pucks… it makes it all worth it….

Brent @ Upper Corner Hockey