Pond Hockey goodness! with Ryan Pizzo

Last week was the first of the 2015 Pond Hockey Season!   So I took a few minutes of some video footage… I shot this at 120 fps with the iphone 5s… So I can ramp it up and slow it down when needed… cool effect and super super smooth!  Ryan Pizzo killing it as usual!  More coming soon check out the video below!  I hope to get more footage soon!

Upper Corner Hockey


Sledding and Pond hockey all in one day?

Check out my newest video!  My oldest daughter and I set out for an adventure this weekend to find the best hill (in our area) for sledding and the best pond (again in our area) for ice hockey.  If you watch the video you can see we scored on both.  It is a great time to be had and hope you all get to enjoy some winter outdoor adventures of your own…

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