If you stay ready… hockey snipes

Watched an interview with Will Smith the other day… yes the Fresh Prince!  In that interview he talked about always being ready…    I couldn’t agree more…     So my point is… This off-season don’t let your hockey gear collect dust…  You can do other things (sports, swim, surf, etc) don’t get me wrong… Staying active and having fun is the best way to stay in shape but there is nothing else more fun than hockey so get out and hockey snipe!

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Green Biscuit “snipe” now shootable practice puck…

Green Biscuit Snipe” is what they are calling it.  I have the “sauce” version and I recommend now shooting it but they are claiming now that the “Snipe” version is totally shootable.  I went to Sports Plus in Whippanny, NJ and they have this awesome display right on the counter.  I didn’t test one out but I am very tempted to buy one.  They are a little more expensive that the original but If it doesn’t break and works just as good then I’m ALL IN!  For more info click here

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Get Back into the Game! of Hockey that is….

At age 38 you wouldn’t think starting up hockey (again) is a good thing right?  Wrong….!  I have never felt so good in my life!  I attribute it all to getting back into Hockey.

I been out of the hockey game for at least 15 years.  So getting back into it really seems like everything is new again.   Hockey sticks made out of carbon fiber and what not.  Equipment lighter and stronger!   Most importantly there is a TON of useful Off Ice training devices out there.   I mean seriously!  Where else can you work out, enjoy working out and take out daily stress out on a 6 oz hockey puck?   Well the answer is in your garage or basement that is where!

With that all that said.   I got my Dry land Floor tiles in from Hockey Shot.  Before I could even get home.  My young ones have already tore into the boxes.   So there will be no photos or video of any un-boxing.

In the photo here are Hockey shots Dry land Floor tiles (21 tiles total).  Click here for more info   They are 18″ x 18″ and made of (i think) a plastic called HDPE (high density poly ethylene) or Delrin plastics mixture with added slip agent (to make them slick).  Why is it a must need to know this info?  Well you really don’t need to but I use to work in the plastics industry for over 16 years so I feel compelled to give you all the info.   With the added slip agent molded right in this product.  Over time and the more you use these tiles the more the slip agent will permeate out.  That will make them feel more and more like ice.  Because they are made out of this plastic also makes them very very durable and will last you a long time if not forever…   More on this product review soon  .  Along with video…Follow us on facebook

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