Half Court slap shot with Voll Hockey Pucks

Half Hockey rink slap shot over an iphone5s at 80mph plus with APX2 Voll hockey-pucks

A half rink slap shot is about as useful as tits on a bull…  I don’t even recommend practicing it…  it is really completely useless… or is it?

Being able to keep a puck in the air across half the length of the rink means you are driving the puck other than just slapping at it…    So practice driving that puck instead of just slapping at it…  so go out and give it a try on ice, roller, inline or dry land!

Upper Corner Hockey

Voll Hockey Pucks used in this video Click here for more details

Junior Shooting pad used  Click here for more info

Bauer APX2 87 flex and P09 Curve  Click here for more info

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Puck Push Cart!

My Daughter came up with this idea the other night when I was in the basement stick handling on the dry land Hockey shot tiles and shooting into the ‘snipers edge’ shooting tarp.  She tells me “I’ll help gather the hockey pucks for you Daddy…”   Talk about one smart little cookie or should I say biscuit =)

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