Winter Classic 2018 viral meme


One of my good friends went to the 2018 Winter Classic at Citi field!   He took this photo and said “The only good use of a baseball stadium”  I found it pretty funny.   He’s always giving people who like baseball a hard time!   This one really put baseball fans over the edge lol…  but… my hockey fans seemed to enjoyed it… within 30 minutes of it being posted it hit over 10k reached and 100 shares… it will probably go higher so go follow it over on facebook

Thanks and wish you all a Happy New year!

NHL 13 by EA Sports has arrived!

Ok I dove right into a NHL 13 season with no testing it out (other than the demo) and I am playing with my New Jersey Devils and I lost my first two games to the Caps and Bruins but when push comes to shove and time to throw down. I took care of biz =)

Review of the game coming soon… Also highlights of the a few goals soon as well! =) Make sure you sign up on for up to the minute updates