Pond Hockey goodness! with Ryan Pizzo

Last week was the first of the 2015 Pond Hockey Season!   So I took a few minutes of some video footage… I shot this at 120 fps with the iphone 5s… So I can ramp it up and slow it down when needed… cool effect and super super smooth!  Ryan Pizzo killing it as usual!  More coming soon check out the video below!  I hope to get more footage soon!

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Ryan Pizzo’s Game Highlight reel 8-20-13 with New Easton V9e

Ryan Pizzo’s highlight reel from last nights game 8-20-13…  Playing for the NJ Scouts… The game ended 11-3 with Ryan picking up 3 goals and 4 assists…   It was fun for me to watch and film…  Ryan is using his new Easton V9e hockey stick…   more info on that stick click here http://bit.ly/174nTub

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Great Morning of Ice Hockey…

I am lucky to have the luxury to stay a little later than most after hockey is over and practice a bit… Today practice paid off… I had a break away goal today after a sweet pass from my friend Rob that split the D… I was one on one with the goalie.. I dink-ed it off the right post and in… Felt great… Thanks to my friends Ryan Pizzo @ DMC Athletics & Rehabilitation – Official Page and Ben for always driving me to do better… Thanks dudes! and… to @ HockeyShot.com for awesome off ice training products…

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Ryan Pizzo and Brent Dolan Ice Hockey Highlight video with Fast Hands Hockey

Check out the newest video. It features Fast Hands Hockey Training Device  along with Ryan Pizzo and myself Brent Dolan   Now that most of everyone’s winter season is over.  You want to keep in shape for next winter.  So make sure you keep up on your hockey training.  Good way to keep up your stick handling is with the Fast Hands Hockey Training Device.  <— click for more info  It is one of those training aids that you will be emailing me and thanking me in a month or so of using it.   It will also last you a lifetime.  It is build so solid!  Check it out today and keep on training!   Watch full video below…

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Ryan Pizzo VS Brent Dolan Best Upper Corner Hockey Shot!

Well after Hockey this past Friday.  We had some extra ice time.  We broke out the Fast Hands Hockey training device and the video camera.   First Ryan Pizzo dangled through the #fasthands device and then a Snap Shot Upper Corner right!  I didn’t want to be out matched (even though Ryan always does) I took some slap shots from inside the blue line.    I laced one Upper Corner.  I was also using my new Bauer Nexus 600 stick with some fresh Dangle Wax on the blade (more on that soon)   After seeing the video It got me thinking? umm lets let the fans decide who has the better Upper Corner Hockey Shot!  Watch the video below

Thanks for watching and vote on youtube by visiting this link http://youtu.be/rBcVZ3mW1Ps

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Want to play a game?

Well with a lot of spring ice hockey seasons starting last week and people taking to the streets seeing the snow is melting in most states.  Will you be taking the summer off or playing all year around?  I wanted to play ice but finances are keeping me from that. But they do have a Summer league in like 14 or so weeks.  I am going to see what I can do.  I am enjoying Ice Hockey so much better these days.  Been joining my friends Ryan Pizzo and Ben on Friday mornings.  It feels so good to be back on the ice.    I am also looking for the right fit for me.  Do I play the over 35 league?  or do I play with all the younger guys?  I been trying both with the open hockey and just can’t make up my mind.  Hopefully time will help with that decision.  I took this photo a week ago on a nice warm afternoon.  In the photo is my Easton Stealth 55s Cammeralli curve 85 flex hockey stick.   I taped it up extra so the blade wasn’t exposed.  It worked well but again I want to keep this one for ice only.

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Ryan Pizzo’s review of H20 Overdrive Hydrate drink

I (Ryan Pizzo of www.dmcrehab.com) wanted to give a shout out to the BEST hydration and sports drink that I have ever tried to date. Greg Neil of H2O Hydrate was nice enough to send me a 12 pack of each of the h2o hydrate and h2o overdrive drinks and let me tell you that this stuff REALLY WORKS. I am an ice hockey player with a very strong passion for the game and I am always looking for something to take me to the next level of performance.

These products are the real deal. I have used many different “energy” drinks and sports supplements in the past as I am also an NPC level bodybuilder and nothing compares to this product. I am in no way paid to say this and I would never talk up a brand or their product if I didn’t truly believe in it. The best part about this opportunity was “The Science of Hydration” booklet that came with the box. I read this booklet from front to back and was delighted by all of the information and research that has gone into these products.

Along with being a lifelong hockey player and an NPC bodybuilder I have also been a certified personal trainer through AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) and passed their 120 question test with a 98% and a 100% in their practical hands on testing and was still informed by some of the information this book held.

Thank you again to h2o hydrate/overdrive and to Greg Neil and I look forward to doing more work with them as we become more acquainted. But one thing is for sure… there will always be h2o hydrate and h2o overdrive in my hockey bag and on the bench with me…..!

Ryan Pizzo

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H2o Overdrive Hydrate product tested…

The Staff here at Upper Corner Hockey got some product to test out. It is H2O Overdrive Hydrate drink.  This isn’t an ordinary sports drink.  It is a complete hydration system to help you perform at your best!  Visit http://h2ooverdrive.com/ for all the info…

I got to try the Grape flavor this morning before ice hockey.  It Tastes just like Jello when it isn’t turned to gelotin form (and seriously who doesn’t love Jello)  As a 38 year old Hockey player I need all the extra edge I can get.  It really helped my body recover a whole lot faster than just regular water. 

Ryan Pizzo says “Tangerine is awesome and this product TRULY helpedy stamina and energy this morning and that is NO LIE. And being a trainer I have used plenty of trash that is just hype.” 

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Harp on the good…

My Good friend Ryan Pizzo told me to not think so negative.  So today in my car ride into work I was thinking about just positive stuff that went on this past Sunday morning at open Inline.  As I was thinking about it.  I didn’t do so bad on my first time back in over 15 years.   I had 2 assist and 3 shots on goal…  I had one major flub I keep harping on but letting that get inside my head and cloud all the positive stuff I did  just isn’t a good thing.  So if this is any advice I can give ya is to Harp on the good what ever it may be…    This photo was found at http://www.musicinventions.org/shepherd0203/hockeystickharp.htm  Pretty bad ass or what?

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