Saucer king! Sauce like a pro!

A lost art form….  The perfect Saucer pass!  I been playing with a bunch of great guys for over a year now but I do notice that the saucer pass or aka sauce pass is a lost art form… I have always practiced it back in the say and found that a good pass to my team mate was just as rewarding as a upper corner goal!  I get some flippy floppy passes, wobble air biscuits and knuckle pucks from some team mates…   then when the puck flips up and over my blade they get made… ( you mad bro? )  While there isn’t a week that goes by I don’t huck some sauce down my basement shooting area, or sauce some biscuits at the ice rink before and after the game… Practice isn’t always about sniping that bar down, slap shots from the blue line and dangling through a row of pucks…    You should make friends and sauce across the ice… if you are having trouble then check out this tutorial Read More…..

Upper Corner Hockey

Importance of a good sauce pass in hockey!

In the photo above… I was using the lower right corner to sauce into…  I shot about 50 pucks or so into the tarp before heading to bed.

I Can’t stress enough the importance of a good sauce pass… I use it on most of my passes (unless I have an open lane) because the ice is so crowded and getting some air under the puck on a long pass will give it it’s best chance to reach your teammate’s blade. My buddy Ryan Pizzo from helped me out with fine tuning my sauce pass and it has become a weapon in my arsenal… I’ll have to make a quick video on “how i sauce” but for now check out great video from my friend Jeremy at How to Hockey!


Even Claude Giroux takes practicing his sauce pass to a whole new level…

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