Sunday Sauce or Sunday Gravy… hockey style

We call it Sunday Sauce in our house hold..    Plus hockey gravy pass just doesn’t sound right but… if you are a true Italian…  I guess it could work =)

If you’re having trouble with your hockey saucer pass.. and watch to get my most popular tutorial..  check out this video below or check the how to section of this website.  It’s over 40k views


Hockey Rink Length Saucer Bomb! Saucer pass!


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Goal to Goal Length saucer bomb for fun… the other night at Ice Hockey I hit our guy 3 times with this same move at the blue line… it is really really effective… it is only effective though I you get the pass to actually land FLAT on the ice… I’ve seen to many people throw up muffins and expect the offence to get and receive this pass correctly… so practice this effective pass!

See video below or click on the photo above…

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Deck Railing Sauce! with Hockey Sauce Kit and True xcore 9

Watch full unlisted coming soon video click on the photo above..  Other wise check out the money hockey sauce on the vine video below.

I don’t know where I came up with the idea… I had about 15 minutes to kill so I thought to myself… ummm I wonder if that deck railing will hold me…  I am shocked it did but if it didn’t we would of had an even better video of my fall through a collapsing deck!   Well unfortunately it held me so you get this Hockey Vine below… More on this coming soon…   And remember if you want to Saucer Pass like a pro check out our tutorial section! or follow this link

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80 foot saucer pass with the original sauce kit #playtrue video

80 foot saucer pass with the original sauce kit #playtrue video… this really isn’t use full in a game situation… just wanted to see how far I could saucer a pass in the air and have it go directly in the Original Sauce Kit…   I was lucky to pull this off on my first try… shocked actually lol… hence my mini claim celly at the end of the video… this kit is a blast and so stoked I have it!    I am also using the new True xcore 9 hockey stick in this video… see the video below:

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Learn How to Saucer Pass like a Pro!

Be the Saucer King!  This is the easiest way to send some sweet saucer passes to your team mates!    This video has been my most watched on my youtube channel for the last two months… it is getting close to 10,000 views…  it is also one of my most useful videos as well…  Everyone that has followed these quick little steps and have had instant success.

Definition: Saucer Pass is a term used in any Hockey using a puck.  It is the act of one player passing the puck to his team mate through the air like a flying saucer and having the puck slap flat on the ice so his team mate can except the pass with ease.  It has been deemed a difficult pass to accomplish until now!

If you are one to read Click here for the How to Saucer Pass but if you are like me and enjoy watching video… check out the video below.

I started a Thread here

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Saucer king! Sauce like a pro!

A lost art form….  The perfect Saucer pass!  I been playing with a bunch of great guys for over a year now but I do notice that the saucer pass or aka sauce pass is a lost art form… I have always practiced it back in the say and found that a good pass to my team mate was just as rewarding as a upper corner goal!  I get some flippy floppy passes, wobble air biscuits and knuckle pucks from some team mates…   then when the puck flips up and over my blade they get made… ( you mad bro? )  While there isn’t a week that goes by I don’t huck some sauce down my basement shooting area, or sauce some biscuits at the ice rink before and after the game… Practice isn’t always about sniping that bar down, slap shots from the blue line and dangling through a row of pucks…    You should make friends and sauce across the ice… if you are having trouble then check out this tutorial Read More…..

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