True XC 9 ACF First Shots on ice hockey snipes


True XC 9 ACF First Shots on ice hockey snipes

I took this shots (in a hurry btw) after playing our usual Sunday night hockey!   I knew I didn’t have a whole lot of time but I wanted to get some pops on video.   This hockey stick is a beast!    It’s been 3 weeks of playing with this stick and I gotta say… it has the most pop out of any stick i’ve every used… It’s an effortless pop too!    I’ve probably already took 1000 clappers with it with practice and game play.  Lots of one timers too…   I’ll post more video as soon as I can get it.   Check out the video below.

Brent #uppercornerhockey

Outdoor rink during the super bowl in the snow!

While everyone watched that “big game” I trekked out into the elements or aka snow… to the ODR aka Outdoor Rink   (lots of AKA’s tonight)… I knew no one would be there so I got some quality time alone… the ice was extra chunky and really in horrible conditions… but yet again it was “free ice time”  so i didn’t care and made the best of it… watch the video below!

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How to Hockey’s Far Blue Line Challenge #uch

Jeremy from How to Hockey challenged me to clear the ice with a slap shot from the far blue line…  I am sure some of you are scratching your head saying “WTH”  but watch the video below for all the details and visual explanation.   Jeremy also has started a new channel called “The Hockey Movement”  so make sure all you hockey youtubers out there go sub to that channel!    Lots of big things happening so make sure you stay connected!   Check out the challenge below — Brent #uch

I did return the Challenge back on Jeremy and if you are interested to see how he did… check the video below   #nailedit

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Brent vs Jesse… Slap Shot contests with HockeyShot Radar gun video


Loving the new HockeyShot Radar gun… the device is so much fun… even more fun when you have a friend going head to head against…   I will have more of these in the future but today’s match up is myself aka Brent age 40 vs Jesse age 26 and one of our best players… Check out the video below and see how we battle it out… Also visit the youtube link and comment on who ya think won or do you declare it a tie as well

Upper Corner Hockey

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