Hockey Snipes and other random stuff video

I have some other videos in the work… but really felt like going back to what I enjoy the most… just taking some hockey snipes and some much needed off ice training and practice… It feels good to just relax and shoot and enjoy myself…   Great times and fall is upon us… it feels great and the cool air is welcomed!   hope you all enjoy this season


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How to skate faster in Ice Hockey

Think you skate fast?  Well want to skate faster?   Check out these tips from my friend Chris at Hockey Tutorial see the video below.  He’ll show you some tip to help you get the long stride and the most speed each stride… check out the full article here


Upper Corner Hockey

78mph? Slapshot into hockey goal. You be the judge!

I have no idea how fast this hockey puck is traveling.  The only reason I say 78mph is that I shot 10 pucks into a net at a store about 16 or so years ago and the average speed was 78mph.  Some slaps went faster some slower but I don’t have a way to see how fast this shot is.  Shot taken with a Reebok 4k Hockey stick btw. What do you all think?

Slap Shot with Sher-wood T30 Hockey Stick

Screen shot of a slapshot I took with the Sher-Wood Hockey T30 Stick with a real hockey puck. I only take wrist shots or slaps with the real hockey puck seeing it doesn’t slide very well on the outdoor rink surface I practice on so it makes it difficult to stick handle. The T30 Hockey stick keeps the puck low which is great for those point shots that want to be deflected. I also find that it takes a lot less effort to get some decent power behind the shot when you get that stick flexed. more on this soon….

Brent Dolan