Ready for some shots… Hockey Shots that its

Everyday before I leave for work I stop and snap off a few shots into my hockey shot sniper’s edge tarp… no better feeling starting your day off with a few top shelf…  better than a double shot of espresso…

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Upper Corner Hockey


Importance of a good sauce pass in hockey!

In the photo above… I was using the lower right corner to sauce into…  I shot about 50 pucks or so into the tarp before heading to bed.

I Can’t stress enough the importance of a good sauce pass… I use it on most of my passes (unless I have an open lane) because the ice is so crowded and getting some air under the puck on a long pass will give it it’s best chance to reach your teammate’s blade. My buddy Ryan Pizzo from helped me out with fine tuning my sauce pass and it has become a weapon in my arsenal… I’ll have to make a quick video on “how i sauce” but for now check out great video from my friend Jeremy at How to Hockey!


Even Claude Giroux takes practicing his sauce pass to a whole new level…

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Everyday i’m Practicing…

50 pucks, 16 dry land tiles and 1 shooting tarp… There isn’t a day that goes by… I don’t practice on my shot…

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Puck Push Cart!

My Daughter came up with this idea the other night when I was in the basement stick handling on the dry land Hockey shot tiles and shooting into the ‘snipers edge’ shooting tarp.  She tells me “I’ll help gather the hockey pucks for you Daddy…”   Talk about one smart little cookie or should I say biscuit =)

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