Hockey snipes on ice True hockey xc9 acf with Goalie Vlog 3


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Dude so much fun today! We got to play some 2 on 2 with my birthday boy buddy Wally in goal! After that we got to hockey snipe for a good 10 minutes… so much fun! with the True Xc9 ACF  Watch video below!


True XC 9 ACF First Shots on ice hockey snipes


True XC 9 ACF First Shots on ice hockey snipes

I took this shots (in a hurry btw) after playing our usual Sunday night hockey!   I knew I didn’t have a whole lot of time but I wanted to get some pops on video.   This hockey stick is a beast!    It’s been 3 weeks of playing with this stick and I gotta say… it has the most pop out of any stick i’ve every used… It’s an effortless pop too!    I’ve probably already took 1000 clappers with it with practice and game play.  Lots of one timers too…   I’ll post more video as soon as I can get it.   Check out the video below.

Brent #uppercornerhockey

Easton 55s Hockey stick far from a beginner’s stick…

I picked this stick up a couple weeks ago.  It was on sale because there is a new model that came out.  So you can probably find this hidden gem in the sale rack.   Even if it isn’t on sale you can usually find it for 59 bucks or lower.  It is a great stick. The one I have is a 85 flex with a Cammalleri curve P4.  The stick has a little bit more weight to it than the more expensive sticks but I like that.   I have played three times now with this stick.  The curve and flex is great for excepting passes, passing, saucer passes and slap shots.   Because of the low kick point it keeps all your shots low so if you like to roof the puck you might want to get a more of a curve like the Hall Curve.   All and all it is a great all around stick and a great stick for the price…    Follow the discussion here —>

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Taylor Hall “Sticks Of Dreams” Video Short by Easton Hockey

It is always nice to come across a video like this from Easton Hockey and Staring Taylor Hall.  It looks like this was produced a few Christmas’s ago (and produced very well if i may add that little note).  Just imagine opening your door and having Mr. Hall hand you a brand new autographed Easton Hockey Stick.  Great stuff. If I find anymore i’ll make sure I post.

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Brent Dolan

Hockey Ball Juggling to goal!

I just went out this past Labor Day weekend to mess around.  Found a hockey ball at the rink and decided to give it a whirl.  It was about 92 degrees out and hot out on the rink so the ball was like mush.  It was one of those water filled balls too.  Extra mushy.  Still something different but nothing giving anyone the “Wow” factor.


Tape it up!

Ok last night I tried out the stick i got back from Reebok (bravo Reebok Hockey btw) on warranty.  This time I tried taping it up.  I put two extra pieces of tape on the bottom (more on this later) first then wrapped it in hopes it will help keep the stick from breaking so easy (also for wear factor)  The hockey tape helped a little but still not good enough for my standards.  I heard there are a few more tricks to do to pro-long your stick for outdoor rink hockey.  I keep ya’ll posted

Blue skies and Hockey Pucks heading Upper Corner!

Well I was just shuttling through some video footage and just happened to stop on this frame.  The clouds looked so nice and sky was blue so I figured I would export it seeing the puck just happened to make it way to the “Upper Corner”   Stick I was using was the Sher-wood T30.  It is heading back to the Warranty office for replacement so I am probably going to have to use the Newly replaced Reebok 4k Sickick.    Hopefully this blade will hold up and if it doesn’t I am turning it into a two-piece hockey stick =)

Just shot this video this morning. I got up early to do a quick work out seeing I didn’t get to Monday. I shot a little video to keep myself honest and found this empty gatorade bottle sitting in the corner so I used it as a target. Also I just started that youtube channel today so please subscribe like and all that. I will only be posting hockey videos on that page because I got a few complaints that they didn’t want to see all my production company videos on my old channel. I hope this works =)  All shots taking with my Sher-wood T30 hockey stick.  Great stick for a budget composite stick.

Brent Dolan

Slap Shot with Sher-wood T30 Hockey Stick

Screen shot of a slapshot I took with the Sher-Wood Hockey T30 Stick with a real hockey puck. I only take wrist shots or slaps with the real hockey puck seeing it doesn’t slide very well on the outdoor rink surface I practice on so it makes it difficult to stick handle. The T30 Hockey stick keeps the puck low which is great for those point shots that want to be deflected. I also find that it takes a lot less effort to get some decent power behind the shot when you get that stick flexed. more on this soon….

Brent Dolan

UCH Original Content “5 days with Reebok 4k”

Well during the Heat wave of 2012 I decided it was a good idea to go out on a reflective surface outdoor roller hockey rink. What better way to cool down then to skate around in the outdoors at high noon with the sun beating down on your neck. Even better the stick is jet black and turned as hot as coal in a fireplace. Well with all that said I was working on mini documentary with my time spent with my new composite Reebok 4k stick with a 85 flex and a P. Datsyuk blade. More on this soon….

Brent Dolan