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This Holiday Season grab your friends and relive your youth!


If you grew up on a “not so busy street” you had the chance to play street hockey.   I mean real street hockey!     We’d all get that occasional car that came by…  We’d all stare them down like they just murdered our dog.   So they would take an alternate route the next time lol.   Well if you understand this photo!  Your Childehood rocked!

Grab your buds and relive those memories!

Upper Corner Hockey

If you can’t skate… then run… If you can’t run… then Sled… Just Play Hockey

I heard this saying from someone the other day… “if you can’t run… then walk… if you can’t walk… then crawl… do whatever you have to do…  just keep moving forward”   That really hit home for hockey in my opinion…   The game of hockey can be played on so many levels… so many different ways… That everyone… and anyone… that has an interest in the game should just pick up a stick and try it…  you don’t always need a shooting pad, a ez goal, rebounder, etc… but you need at least a hockey stick and some sort of ball or puck…      “The Great One” use to shoot pucks into a tipped over picnic table…  Crosby shot pucks into a washing machine…  and I am sure there are many many other stories… so just play the game!  and Enjoy!

Upper Corner Hockey