New Extreme Passer pro Test in the driveway with a Green Biscuit

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I took the HockeyShot’s New Extreme Passer Pro into the driveway the other day when all the snow melted… The driveway was still a bit wet but it didn’t effect the green biscuit or the new Extreme Passer Pro by HockeyShot… as you can see this thing works great as a stand alone in the driveway or on the ice… See previous video  Click here  I brought the Extreme Passer Pro aka EPP to the pond just this past weekend…  When on the pond you have to screw down the retractable spikes with an Allen Wrench which is provided…  We had about 10 or so guys more there… Everyone was loving the EPP… we where rebounded off it… one timers.. even huckin sauce over it..   Two people can use it at once but it is not shown in this video…

I am going to bring this to the ice rink one of these days and do some one timer test… it is a blast to use and really keeps ya on your toes when practicing on ice or off the ice…

I highly recommend it! It is built like a tank and will last you a long long time… it is also heavy as all hell and could be use for bulking up for biceps LOL  Watch video below…

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The New Extreme Passer Pro by HockeyShot… Video

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HockeyShot’s New Extreme Passer Pro… this is the stand alone model… it is super heavy and nothing like the EPK… the EPK has the rebounder that clips on to shooting tiles or roll up shooting pad…. The Extreme Passer Pro can be used on ice (with screw down retractable spikes) or in your driveway…

In this video I adjusted the spikes accordingly… also the ice wasn’t the best ice in the world either… but I gave it a go anyways… had a great time with it..   As you can see in the video below… This is a great device if you make your own Ice Shooting pad in the winter… or Grab a Green Biscuit and practice some stick handling and passing in the driveway…  (video of that coming soon)…..  I will be doing a full review on this device soon… so keep posted….


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