Toews Challenge accepted and 1up-ed


Toews sniped a water bottle…. Jeremy from How to Hockey sniped a puck… umm it is about time I enter the mix…  look what I snipe and “can” I snipe it?  pun intended on the can!   Watch Below!

Lots of asked how many times it took me to snipe this…  more than I wanted…  any more than the 1st try is more than I wanted… It is a lot of fun though… I’ve learned keeping your head up is the main goal of this challenge… in case you want to try…   if you do please send your videos to me… i’d love to see

Upper Corner Hockey

PS I also using the Junior shooting pad..  lots of people keep asking me that. see store link or review section for more info

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12 year old kid completes the Toews Water Bottle snipe challenge

Water Bottle Challenge by C Pauli age 12

Check out this sick hockey water bottle snipe by C. Pauli age 12!     I have still yet to try this but might have to give it a whirl soon…


Got video!  Send it in… i’ll make a sick edit like this one and post it to the masses!   This was was sent in my G. Pauli…. Great stuff an already going viral!

upper corner hockey