How to Install your Hockey Shot dry Land off ice Hockey tiles

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So you made the “Big Purchase”  or on the Fence?  Well here is a super quick video to show you how easy it is to install your hockey shot Dry Land Off Ice Hockey tiles… These work best on a flat surface… I first had these on top of my basement carpet and it made the tiles not work as good as they should… if the surface isn’t flat and solid like a basement unfinished floor or unfinished garage floor… the tiles seams will make it difficult and not have the puck slide as well… so make sure #1 the area you are installing these tiles is flat!  no rugs underneath, etc.   Check the video below for all the other info on how easy it is to lay down these Hockey tiles.

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How to perform the Mohawk Turn

Jeremy Weiss from takes us through How To Perform a Mohawk Turn…  You can see from this video that guys like Crosby find this turn very beneficial to work over the defenders behind the net..   Great stuff and really helpful to keep your opponent guessing..  Check out the video below and Don’t forget to follow Jeremy Weiss at   #uch

Brent Dolan #UCH
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Win a Sher wood T 120 Hockey stick

How sweet is this deal!   A Chance to win The Awesome Sher-wood T 120 Hockey stick from HockeyShot… now the catch is here… spend 150.00 or more and you are automatically entered to win!  So if you’ve been holding off buying a new EZ  Hockey Goal and shooting pad… this is the time to do so… and with my coupon code it will save you $10 bucks!  See deal below.   Also watch their promo video too!

I started a Forum post here so Discuss away!

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$10 off $100 order use: UPPER10OFF