Don’t let fear control your life

fear-is-temporary-regret-last-forever-hockey-motivational-meme (1)

Don’t let fear control you life… We all live with regrets but it is because you let your fears get the best of you.  Just remember Fear is only a temporary thing… you’ll feel a whole lot better when you just go for it… so you don’t live your life in regret!


Hockey is your Best Friend!

hockey best friend meme

This is from #odrheaven  It isn’t one of my original ones.  I just love the saying.  When all is said and done.  Hockey will always be there for you.  I know it isn’t a friend but sometimes…  an Outlet can be your best friend!    Learn to find what you love most and use that as your getaway!    Everyone needs something like this in there life.    Go out and Hockey Snipe some shots… stick handle in the basement… practice that top shelf shot!    Hockey’s always there for ya!


Always find sometime for hockey! Everyday!


Find time today and everyday to play a little hockey!  Even if you can’t get to the rink… Just sauce some shots!   Or snipe some in the drive way!  Get better every day!   It doesn’t take much to get better each day!


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Blizzard Jonas dumps a ton of snow but I’m Staying Saucy!


Click on photo above to see my Jonas Blizzard Sauce video!   or watch the video at the bottom!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up this morning to already close to 1 1/2 of snow.  (now expected to get 40 to 48 inches of snow).   They sure screwed this forecast up!  They said our area was getting 3-6 inches of snow…  more like 3 to 6 FEET OF SNOW.  Oh well… let’s just hope the power stays on and I’ll get us out tomorrow!  Just in time for some Ice hockey at 8pm Sunday night!   That will be my motivation to clear us out!  lol.


Sauce Kit Selfie!

Sauce Kit Hat came just in time!  Thanks @ Hockey Sauce Kit! 


Time for the Sauce kit beanie to dry out…   Still snow and going to venture out more. Watch my little video below:

Stay safe everyone from the Jonas Blizzard of 2016


Unboxing something very very cool!


The Original Hockey Sauce Kit sent me a package today!   It was a complete surprise to me but I love Surprises!  Especially when they are Hockey filled gear Surprises!  So check out the video below to see what I got….

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Snow’s Coming… hockey meme


The Story behind the hockey meme…   My Friend Nick S. posted a photo and I just couldn’t resist to Hockey meme it.   There is a storm coming that is suppose to give us like 20 or more inches of snow… I’ll believe it when I see it.  It must be a slow new week.   I have Beer League on Sunday and thought I’d combo this photo with that meme.  If you’d like to hockey meme this one yourself.  I’ll add the photo blank league bike hockey meme If you meme this photo please send it to me on

If it does snow in NJ this bad and other areas… Please be smart and stay safe!


First Time back on the Ice after Knee Surgery


Well tonight marks the 29th day from my surgery… 4 weeks I was off the ice due to Knee Surgery!  I went back on the ice for the first time since.  I am not going to lie to ya… I was a bit nervous.  I had a lot of people tell me… “You need more time.”  “Don’t rush back”  “Be-careful”  “you’re going to hurt yourself again”…. Well with all that in the back of my mind.. It made me almost not go.   But Then I thumbed through some of my own Hockey Memes that I’ve posted to motivate others… I saw this one.

“Fear is only temporary… Regret lasts forever!  

I just couldn’t go another week with out being on the ice… At least Sunday night which is my favorite skate ever.   Great group and great time slot too!    Also to get to play Rink 1 at Mennen is a treat for me… I never take one second on that ice for granted.   Some of the best ice around.

So with that mind set I ventured out to the rink… It was a snowy icy mix out but nothing major.  I got to the rink early!  As all players/friends piled into the locker room… they all asked where I’ve been… some knew… most didn’t.  I explained to them and they even all said “dude you sure?  it seem too early”

Now it really started to sink in… Was I doing the wrong thing?  Well my Doctor… Dr. Glen Bradish told me…  “if you feel good.. then get back on the ice”  He’s is Hockey Goalie and the Doc that did the surgery on my knee.   Well I am glad I listened to him.  I felt I was ready and believe in myself I was ready.  It also might of been a mix of… I can’t be off this ice any more because it was driving me mad.  lol..

All went well and No pain at all!  So happy with the results.  I might still take a break from skating twice a week for one more week.  But I should be in full swing soon!  Thanks Dr. Glen Bradish for everything!  You the man!



Sister Act on Ice!


How awesome is this?  Sis-Ter on ice!   Check out the full article here

I still rather get smacked with a ruler (like I did back in my Catholic School Days) than a hockey stick Sister =)

Keep Playing Hockey Sister!