Slo Mo Monday #slomomonday

Why should the NHL have all the fun with Slo Mo Monday?  or aka #slomomonday  well in honor of Slo Mo Monday!  I’ve created this little video for you all!   It is shot at 120 fps with my iphone 5s…   brought into Premiere Pro and slowed down 20% giving a good smooth slo motion effect to the video… Even though you can only export 30fps to youtube… it still works awesome to have that 120fps video to work with.   Check out the video below…

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Upper Corner Hockey

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Hockey a great way to start your day

Well another great morning of ice hockey this morning… I had to miss the last two weeks due to a slight hernia (doctor ordered me to take 4 weeks off and I didn’t listen… I only took a week off because I played Roller outdoors)… I actually have to hurt it more for them to operate on it… so I am sure hockey will fix that solution right?

Well I had 2 goals and 3 assists… Lots of fun… lots of great passing plays which ended up into goals…

I even got to test more of the radar gun on the ice too… so much fun I am loving it! Did a VS. against one of the better players there… I’ll have to post the video when i am done editing it… it was fun stuff… Hope everyone has a great start to there weekend and it is full of hockey!

Upper Corner Hockey

Ready for some shots… Hockey Shots that its

Everyday before I leave for work I stop and snap off a few shots into my hockey shot sniper’s edge tarp… no better feeling starting your day off with a few top shelf…  better than a double shot of espresso…

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Upper Corner Hockey


Ryan Pizzo VS Brent Dolan Best Upper Corner Hockey Shot!

Well after Hockey this past Friday.  We had some extra ice time.  We broke out the Fast Hands Hockey training device and the video camera.   First Ryan Pizzo dangled through the #fasthands device and then a Snap Shot Upper Corner right!  I didn’t want to be out matched (even though Ryan always does) I took some slap shots from inside the blue line.    I laced one Upper Corner.  I was also using my new Bauer Nexus 600 stick with some fresh Dangle Wax on the blade (more on that soon)   After seeing the video It got me thinking? umm lets let the fans decide who has the better Upper Corner Hockey Shot!  Watch the video below

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Brent Dolan