Training Puck off….

Nothing like a good ole fashion Puck off!  Well training puck off that is…    From left to right of the screen we got:

8oz Fly Puck: made of really hard plastic.  Built for stick handling and added 2 oz of weight will help you build up those forearms and etc…  Can be used for shooting if you have a tarp but not recommended to shoot off of a goal or anything that could damage the puck.  Works extremely well on Dry Land flooring titles (but more on that soon)

Official 6oz Hockey Puck:  Well it is an official 6oz hockey puck… plain and simple.  Doesn’t slide the best on the dry land tiles as the rest of the plastic based pucks but shoots great off it and is obviously the most durable out of them all….

Verbero Duro Puck: Just right off the bat this puck is a “proto-type” so it is not for sale in the market yet.  Just so you are aware of that.  It is a hybrid.  It has a rubber outside feel to it with plastic sliders on the top and bottom of the puck. Has great feel to it.  It also slides really well on Dry Land flooring tiles.  With these current sliders in the puck it is for training only.  Not for shooting on a net.  Probably will work well with a Sniper’s Edge shooting tarp (more on that soon with video)

Green Biscuit: another hard plastic puck that works great on rough outdoor surfaces and actually works really well on smooth practice tiles as well.  I don’t recommend shooting with this puck either. I tried it and cracked it my first shot off the post. But this puck will work well if you wanted to shoot into a soft tarp as mentioned before.

All these pucks have found a place in my heart and hockey off ice training.  They all have a different feel than another.  They both have their strengths and weaknesses.    I will have more on this soon with a video to follow.  To much details to have this blog post go on and on for hours.  If you want to follow the discussion I will be posting it in the review section of and on facebook @ 


Verbero Aero Roller hockey puck outdoors

Verbero Aero Roller hockey puck outdoors
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I took this puck out the other morning. It was early and was kind of slow and sluggish. But I needed the exercise and wanted to test out this new puck.

Oh yeah I forgot to add. There was a heavy fog that day and left the rink pretty wet. I fell a few time on edge so if you notice i am skating very careful that day.

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Verbero’s Duro Inline Hockey Puck

Duro Puck by Verbero Meme

I got this in the mail today from Verbero Inline Hockey.  It is the Duro Inline Hockey Puck.  The most durable inline puck on the market today.  This new line of Inline pucks has an interchangable sliders!  According to Verbero “Our Team has designed the duro to be not only long-lasting and versatile, but to have profamance akin to that of the advanced Verbero Model”.  That is great news to hear because I am going to put this puck to the torcher test!  I am going to beat the snot out of this thing and video the whole thing.  Stay tuned and sub to us on for all the updates and like Verbero on facebook @

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