Slap Shots on ice from the top of the circle

Lots ask me “why do you stay on the ice after everyone has left?”  Or “why do you video yourself”….  Well the answer is simple… I don’t like going to smelly gyms, so this is my work out… The reason I video tape is… Well I want to see if I am making any progress… Also with the video on… It keeps one honest… It is like when your wife or girlfriend or both (just kidding) are watching.  You want to do well to impress them… Well youtube is a great way to show the world how much better you are getting from all the practicing on and off the ice…  Plus dude there is no one on the ice!  How awesome is that sometimes?  Enjoy and video those hockey snipe videos!

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David Robertson Goalie highlight video

David Robertson Goalie highlight video! Must see glove save first clip of the video 4 seconds in. It is off my 78mph slap shot.  The shot was heading upper corner but I got robbed…

I shot the video this past Sunday and did the edits last night…    Follow the forum Click here 

More video coming soon…
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USA vs Canada… 5-1 U20 WJC Semi-Final 1/3/2013

Search for Highlights?  Well search no longer.  Here is a video posted by USA vs Canada 5:1 Semi-Final U20 WJC 1.3.2013 All Goals & Highlights of the game. World Junior Championships, Ufa, Russia 2012/13  Great stuff and Go USA in the Gold round!   Good luck


The Lone Hockey Sniper 2 by I am Wounded Duck!

The Lone Hockey Sniper 2 by I am Wounded Duck.  A Lone man’s journey to Hockey Snipe down his almost destroyed EZ Hockey Goal.   This might be the final stand…..   Or is it?

Visit “I am Wounded Duck’s” youtube channel at

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Upper Corner Hockey

Snipes on ice!

Ok all!  There is a whole underground movement of videos of Hockey Snipes on  Well I would like to help promote these players and post their videos.   I understand people don’t go to websites anymore or even search on google or other search engines but I am going to start a movement right here right now!  Here is my first.  Check out this sick snipe right off the bat!  Sub to his page @


NHL 13 by EA Sports has arrived!

Ok I dove right into a NHL 13 season with no testing it out (other than the demo) and I am playing with my New Jersey Devils and I lost my first two games to the Caps and Bruins but when push comes to shove and time to throw down. I took care of biz =)

Review of the game coming soon… Also highlights of the a few goals soon as well! =) Make sure you sign up on for up to the minute updates