Hockey Is my happy place!

Hockey Mom’s aren’t Crazy re-posted this one the other day…   I forgot how true this hockey meme it is… All through out the week I try to make time for hockey…  hence “make” time not find time… make it happen… even if you are just stick handling with a golf ball for 30 seconds…  always make time for your happy place!

Upper Corner Hockey
#uppercorner #hockey

Just the other day… I took out 30 minutes of my busy day to snipe some backhand Upper corner #bardown and in (posted on

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Frozen but not allowed on… leads too Viral Vine video!

Look I get it… the rink is frozen… I’ve seen skate marks but the gate still remains locked… The reason why I say “i get it” because the township workers have better things to do than to patrol the local ice rink to see if some old dude that wakes up at the crack of dawn wants to get some free ice time!   Still I sure wish it was open!  The ice was thin and the ground is cold making the ice easy to freeze!   Here is another photo below of Greystone rink or aka Central Park of Morris County ice rink frozen over!  First time of the year 2014 and 2015 winter!

But all wasn’t lost!  I went over to rink #2 and found a frozen patch of ice… took some shots off it… I posted the video on Vine and #boom the damn video went viral!  I guess no one has ever seen someone shoot off a frozen puddle of water lol!  still great stuff and my first real “viral” video on vine see video below

Again I am in complete shock… this one might be one of those viral videos that could make or break someone… or not lol!   Happy Hockey New Year everyone!

#uppercorner #hockey

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