Winter Classic 2018 viral meme


One of my good friends went to the 2018 Winter Classic at Citi field!   He took this photo and said “The only good use of a baseball stadium”  I found it pretty funny.   He’s always giving people who like baseball a hard time!   This one really put baseball fans over the edge lol…  but… my hockey fans seemed to enjoyed it… within 30 minutes of it being posted it hit over 10k reached and 100 shares… it will probably go higher so go follow it over on facebook

Thanks and wish you all a Happy New year!

Larp vs Tarp… The saga continues….

Have no idea what “Larp-n” is?  Or aka Larp, Larping.  Well here is the Definition from wiki “A live action role-playing game (LARP) is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically act out their characters’ actions. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world, while interacting with each other in character. The outcome of player actions may be mediated by game rules, or determined by consensus among players. Event arrangers called gamemasters decide the setting and rules to be used and facilitate play.”

I much rather go with Hockey Tarp-n.  You?  Follow the conversation on



Devils Hockey Red Vs White but no Doc Emrick!

With the Lockout over and now a short 2013 season.  The New Jersey Devils 1-16-13 have their first Red Vs White Scrimmage.  David Clarkson puts in the first goal at around 4:00 mark.  It is a sweet upper corner too.  Definitely worth the watch if you are a Devils fan or starving for hockey!   But I have to say one thing.  Just isn’t the same without Doc Emrick calling the plays….  #dropthepuck  😉