Hockey snipes on ice True hockey xc9 acf with Goalie Vlog 3


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Dude so much fun today! We got to play some 2 on 2 with my birthday boy buddy Wally in goal! After that we got to hockey snipe for a good 10 minutes… so much fun! with the True Xc9 ACF  Watch video below!


I’d Rather Be Playing Hockey meme

I look forward to every Sunday night… because Sunday night I get to play to play some ice hockey!   I’ve never played with a better group of individuals in my life… they are all highly skilled and with that said.. I’ve even noticed I’ve gotten better.  So the old rule always is true.. “Want to get better?  Then play with people that are better than you!”    well as long as they let ya lol.    Happy Monday everyone and have a Great week!

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80 foot saucer pass with the original sauce kit #playtrue video

80 foot saucer pass with the original sauce kit #playtrue video… this really isn’t use full in a game situation… just wanted to see how far I could saucer a pass in the air and have it go directly in the Original Sauce Kit…   I was lucky to pull this off on my first try… shocked actually lol… hence my mini claim celly at the end of the video… this kit is a blast and so stoked I have it!    I am also using the new True xcore 9 hockey stick in this video… see the video below:

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