That Person needs a high Five! and hockey recap

This photo doesn’t really have much to do with my re-cap from last nights hockey…  Just added this due to the fact it got 100 shares in like 2 hours… so Tuesday seems to be a good day to post “punch people in the face” hockey memes =)

Now for my recap:

Found a great group of guys to play some Ice Hockey with on Monday nights Thanks to my friend Julian Keenan… This is my 2nd week in a row playing and next Monday is my last week seeing they are not renting the ice anymore…  A good group of guys with various skill levels.

I tallied 2 goals and 5 assists… the first assist came in 1st minute of play…  It was a bang bang play and I cut it made one move passed the puck over and he put it in the back of the net…  I don’t remember every assist from last night but the 2nd to last goal of the game was another good play… I got the puck from our zone skated in… got the puck past the defender and as he struggled to turn around and catch me… i put on the brakes turned around passed it to the open guy and he stuck it into the back of the net… lots of work on that one but a really nice team play.   I really thought that was going to be the last goal of the game with only 4 minutes left to play… I went for a shift change after that and was thinking of leaving on a good note…

But… I got one more last chance on the ice… It was one of those hop over the boards… get the outlet pass from your zone type of breakaways… It was just me and the goalie…  I had some decent speed and faked the shot then pulled it backhand top shelf… game ending goal.

Not video from the game but the first clip is the move I did… nothing fancy be effective…

But seeing I am going to go completely out of order here due to the fact i forgot to mention my first goal… It was an amazing outlet pass from my friend and Goalie that night Jason Grifo (watch his video here)  He sauced it to me on the right wing and I had a good 1 on 2 defenders break out… I skated wide to the left then cut back to the right and fired off a wrist shot about a foot and a half off the ice left side beating the goalie has he was repositioning him self across the his crease… I got the shot off as quick as I could so I didn’t give him one second to adjust…    I felt like I had to score when I got the puck especially when Jason played the puck so well and fired that saucer pass (how to saucer pass video here)  Good thing I was able to beat the goalie and tally my first goal of the night early in the night…

So all and all another great night… I think I only had about a total of 4 shots on goal… My passing was really crisp tonight and right on the money… I had a great saucer pass to this one guy and landed right on his stick… when I came back to the bench he says to me “what the hell was that?  it hit my stick perfect and gave me a breakaway!”     I guess he didn’t know about that pass.. anyways it gave him a good breakaway even though he didn’t score it… he at least registered a shot on goal… Lots of fun and great times to be had!    Now I just need to find a group like this every week!   Still on the search!

Enjoy hockey everyone!
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