The Hockey meme that started it all….


Just getting back into the game of hockey after a 15 year hiatus (due to injuries and other things) I saw the need a month before this Meme was created to start a facebook hockey page.  Actually it was based on a bet… I won’t go into full details but if you are wondering who won… that other page still doesn’t have 1000 likes… and we are at 10,000 (not bragging just stats)    It wasn’t my goal to get 1 million likes… just more than the other page.   They had a head start of 500 likes already but with this hockey meme I made due to the NHL Lock out year!   I quickly hit a milestone of 1000 likes… and pissed that person off dearly.   It was only a friendly bet yet eventually ruined the relationship.   Again won’t go into details but sometimes success will lead to jealousy… it is completely out of your control.  You can’t anticipate people’s reaction or feelings.   You just live and learn from it.   Just like hockey.  You’ll make mistakes but if you learn from it… you will succeed and when you do.  Piss off a whole lot of people in the process! lol

This isn’t the end… only the beginning.   If you see this post… I thank you!

Upper Corner Hockey

PS check the stats of this one below…