Tie Domi’s new book Shift Work


Tie Domi’s Autobiography called “Shift Work”

From hockey’s most prolific fighter comes a sports memoir unlike any other—passionate, funny, and candid, Shift Work chronicles Domi’s sixteen tumultuous seasons in the NHL.

Making it through a single fight as an enforcer in the NHL is a sign of toughness. Making it through 333 of them is a mark of greatness. Whether it was on the ice or off it, Tie Domi was driven to be the best at his job and was gifted with an extraordinary ability to withstand pain. He made a career out of protecting the people around him and became known as someone who would stand up for the people who needed it most.

Remember this one?

It is a 240 page read… Interested?  Click the link below to buy it on hardcover.
I’m sure Tie would autograph it for ya!  With his fist!  =)

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