trying to be better than I was yesterday… hockey meme explained


At my age… I am in no competition with anyone but myself…  when the doctors said… “Brent you need exercise at your age or you’ll die…”  Pretty much put it all in perspective =)….  I didn’t want to join a gym. I am not a person that likes to get up and run 5 miles.   Golf wasn’t enough cardio they tell me.   Anyways, you get my point.

When I moved to the area I dwell in now.  It was/is a big hockey town.  With 3 rinks all with in 20 minutes or less of each other.  It made sense to me to see if hockey was the right sport.  I noticed an outdoor rink minutes from my house.   Pulled together what equipment I had left from when I played over 15 years ago.  Headed to the outdoor rink and was completely hooked!    That is all it took and now on my 3rd year back in the game.  I find myself playing 2 nights a week on the ice.   I might not be the best in shape nor fastest on the ice but I’m holding my own and notice within myself that I am getting better each time.   Isn’t that what it is all about?   If you have the desire… anything is possible.

Upper Corner Hockey

Thanks to Hockey Shot for all their off ice training devices they sell.  I find myself enjoying off ice training just as much as playing a game.  If they only had this stuff 35 years ago… things might of been different!
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