How to add an Extension to your hockey stick

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So you where gifted a hockey stick, or you made a mistake and cut to much off the stick?  or your youth hockey player is growing and now the stick is to short for them?  All problems that can be solved by adding a Extension to the shaft of your hockey stick!  How do you do this… you ask?  Well here are a few shorts quick steps on how to do this yourself…

Tools you’ll need for this project:

  1. Wood (cheapest) or Composite (lightest but more expensive) Hockey stick Shaft Extension Click here for where to buy
  2. Hair dryer will work but Heat gun (recommended) Click here for where to buy
  3. Swiss army knife (optional)
  4. A composite hockey stick
  5. Hot Glue Gun (optional) if you are using the extension in and out over time Click here for where to buy


Remove the existing tape from the handle (near the end cap) of your hockey stick…  You’ll need this area free and clear of all tape… You’ll also find yourself re-taping your hockey handle once it is all done tutorial on that Click here


If you can’t get the plug out with your fingers (most are in there super tight) use something to wedge in there to work the plug out… *Warning if you are using a knife as shown here.. Please be extra safe… Make sure you are taking all the safety precautions necessary.  Wear Safety Eye protection and make sure no people or pets are around due to the danger of any slips or injuries… Safety is top Priority here.

*Disclaimer Upper Corner Hockey and all people involved with them are not responsible for any actions or injuries you bestow on yourself or other living things

See what the removed shaft end plug looks like once removed safely:


Gently heat up the glue by turning the heat gun or hair dryer (this will take longer) on the “heat” setting and moving it around so the glue or adhesive is nice and soft and melted.  Do not over do this because the glue will drip off the extension.  See full video below if in need of more help…   Also be very careful around an industrial strength heat gun. They get blazing hot and will give you a horrible burn…

*Disclaimer again we are not responsible for any injuries you get or give to others through this process.. please be safe… Safety is your top Priority


Align and install the Extension to the end part of the shaft of the composite hockey stick.  You can heat up the end part opening of the shaft a bit if it is a tight fit… just don’t over heat that area… the extension should slide in with ease…   See below how I want you to use the leverage of your body and the floor to push the Extension in the shaft of the hockey stick till it hits that step in the extension… DO NOT slam the stick down on the ground in fear of breaking or splitting the shaft of your hockey stick…  If you are having trouble adding the extension please add a little more heat and pressure to the extension and top end of the shaft of your composite hockey stick.. 



 DO NOT clean the hot glue off while it is hot… wait for it to dry and trim it or peel it off with your fingers..   Hot Glue will burn you and injury you!

Well that was it!   It is that easy to add some length to a composite hockey stick…  Just I can’t stress it enough please be safe when installing this…  5 Super Simple steps to giving your short hockey stick new added life!    Hopefully this tutorial has been helpful and if you need any more help or advice please feel free to ask me over at   Also if you need any off ice training tools please visit HockeyShot The best and leader in Off and On ice Training  use code: BDOLAN10 for 10% off any purchase!   I get a small commission on the sale.

Thanks and See full How To video of this article below:
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