How To hang your Hockey Shot Sniper’s Edge Shooting Tarp

Looking to Buy a Hockey Shot Sniper’s Edge shooting tarp?  Not sure how you would mount it?  Well here is a quick and easy way to mount your newly purchase shooting tarp. This can work with most average ceilings that are 7 foot tall in your basement or garage.   If you have a ceiling that is taller than 7 foot you might have to add a 2 by 4 spacer to bridge the gap.  I have also seen people build a frame around their tarp as well… I will post examples at the bottom of this article…

1. You are going to want to buy the hockey tarp  Buy Here When you get your hockey Tarp. Make sure you use care unpacking the box… DO NOT use a razor knife when opening the box. You could chance that you cut the heavy duty canvas.  

2. If you have a 7 foot ceiling you can buy these Bicycle Hooks from Home Depot, Lowes, etc.  Or buy here on amazon  

3.  After you bought all your supplies you are going to want to unpack the tarp… Again don’t use a Razor knife or anything sharp to open the box..   Lay the tarp out on the floor if you have the room and find the Metal Grommets.   You will then want to Install one of the hooks into your ceiling (2 x 8 beam.)  Make sure you pre-drill a pilot hole first.   You only need to install one hook at first seeing you will use the Tarp as your measuring device… So start the hook in the middle of the room and then work your way out..

4. Once you have the middle of the tarp hung on that one hook.  Use the next Grommet hole to properly space your Tarp across.. It is super super simple that way…

5.  So basically that is it… Super easy installation and it is also even easier to remove fold up and put your room back to normal… But seriously who wants that?    For more on this watch my video below along with other examples of Tarp installation.

Thanks and I hope this helped
Upper Corner Hockey

Here is Jeremy Weiss from showing you how he installed his Hockey Tarp.  Make sure you visit his site for great hockey training and tutorials!

Here is Jeremy’s indoor installation

Also Check out my buddy Chris’s review and install over at 

Soon someday my basement will look like this… a man can dream can’t he?


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