How to know when to retape your hockey stick

I’ve been asked this by hockey Moms, hockey Dads, and beginner players a lot… so I figured it makes a good video right?   It is pretty plain and simple… if the tape looks messed up… re-tape it…  There is not a good time or a bad time to re-tape your hockey stick…  I usually re-tape my stick before or right after I am done playing ice hockey…   The reason for that is…  I practice off ice all the time on my dry land titles, shooting pads and EPK… To keep what ever I am practicing on nice and slick… I take off the old tape that is full of wax and grime.

Hockey Tape on your stick does a few helpful things…

  1. It helps protect your blade.
  2. It gives you added grip to the puck.
  3. Gives you the ability to add wax to your blade for more added grip or protection depending on what wax you use.
  4. It also gives you grip at the butt end of the hockey stick.

You can see in the photo above that due to the fact of many slap shots and what not the tape tears right off…  Not everyone will have this issue but those with slap shots over 70mph or more will…  it’s just tape folks…

Don’t ignore the butt end of your stick…  After 2 or so months it will be full of sweat that soaks through your smelly hockey gloves… so with that mixture… it is sure to create a slick surface on where you’ll need the most secure grip on your stick… the top hand!

With all that said… you can just can just watch the video below to know when to re-tape your hockey stick so you can always play at your peak performance.

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