How to Remove Retail sticker from my hockey stick blade

Looking to get rid of that annoying sticker the hockey retail store places right on the blade of your new hockey stick?  Well look no further… I will break it down easy for ya in three super simple steps… (also a video tutorial as well below)

 First Step is:  Buy New Hockey stick and grab a hair dryer!

Second:  Turn on Hair Dryer and apply heat to the Sticker… Adding heat to the sticker will help loosen the adhesive… Do not over heat due to the fact you can damage the blade… Just move the hair dryer back and forth!

Third: Turn off Hair Dryer and peel off the sticker with ease.

And there ya have it!  A nice clean hockey stick blade ready to be taped up!  It is that simple…  If you have any issues check the video below… gives you full step by step process.  I hope this helps and good luck with your new hockey stick!


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