How to Sauce Pass like a pro (or saucer pass)

The other day my friend and I where talking right before the game started… We just about to start the ice hockey game and right before the game we where passing the puck back and forth… I was sauce-n some passes to him and he was complimented me on my sauce pass…  I told him to sauce a few back and he tells me… “I don’t know how to do a sauce pass”  I actually couldn’t believe it but I guess it is possible to never learn a saucer pass but it is not possible to never need to use a sauce pass…

The saucer pass is an ice hockey term, which means passing the puck to another player such that it flies in the air like a flying saucer. This makes the pass very difficult to intercept by opposing players but it will still land flat on the ice making it simple to control for the receiving player. The saucer pass is widely used nowadays due to the difficulty of intercepting it.[1] It requires a high degree of hockey skill to perform a saucer pass to a team member while also making it difficult for an opposing player to intercept it.

With all that said… I helped my friend and showed him how to do a sauce or saucer pass and after the 2nd attempt he sauced a beauty of a pass over to me right before the puck dropped for the game… so I figured why not share this info with you…  It is easy to do especially if you practice it… this will be a forehand sauce pass because you can also sauce the pass on the back hand as well but we will be concentrating on the forehand side today.

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So lets start… You are going to place the puck at the heal of the blade. (see photo below)  You will also have about 1 to 2 inches of the blade behind the puck or space in between the blade of the hockey stick and the puck…  the blade also will be keep on the ice at this point.

Next you will move your blade forward… hit the puck with the heal of your blade… you will be keeping the blade open through out the whole shot… unlike a snap shot or wrist shot you will NOT be rolling your wrist over or snap the stick…  You will have a sweeping motion and using more of your shoulders and hands together as one unit.  If you have ever golf before it will be the motion like you are putting your golf ball into the hole.  How you use your shoulders and wrists are passive.   You will be using a slicing motion (going across your bod) across the puck.

saucer pass

Now when puck hits the heal of the blade you will be lifting your blade off the ice and still keeping your blade open a bit… let the puck run up the blade or roll up towards the toe of the blade so you will be starting the puck to rotate.  Continue your hands and shoulders across your body.

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As the puck rolls up the from the heal of the blade to the toe continue your motion acrossyour body with both hands being passive and working together as a unit.  You will be also elevating your blade off the ice gradually to give the puck life and a good saucer or Frisbee like look…

Continue your motion through out the pass gradually elevating the blade with the puck rolling off the Toe of the blade.

Follow through with high your stick while rotating your shoulders opened…  you should see the puck in a nice disc like motion in the air…  The puck depending on the distance of the saucer pass you need to send to your team mate it should… the puck should slap down flat onto the ice so your team mate won’t have any issues picking up the pass…

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See the video below of a full explanation and video tutorial…. I tried my best as possible to give the best explanation I can with photos to illustrate the motion of a sauce pass…  this isn’t a pass that you are going to get the first time… but this is a pass once you get it down will be a great asset to your arsenal of tricks to get your passes through the defense men or opponents blocking your path to your team mate


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