How To tape your Hockey Blade

Looking to tape your hockey stick?  Well look no further… This is the way I tape hockey blade… In a soon to be release tutorial I will be showing you how I tape my hockey shaft or at least the butt end of the stick… But for now lets tape up the Blade.

First you are going to need the following supplies listed and pictured below…

1. 1 1/2 inch tape white or black (depends on what you      prefer) is a good resource
2.  A pair of strong scissors (Shop Scissors click here)
3.  A Hockey stick with a clean blade ready to be taped.


Now that you have all your supplies let start taping your stick… Grab the roll of 1 1/2 tape and start with the back end of the heel (near the shaft as show in this photo below)  and start taping… You are going to go around the blade and over lap each strip of tape so there are no spaces and the tape covers the blade completely.

Keep taping and going around the blade… keep tension on the tape so there are no folds, bubbles or any issues with a bad loose tape job… Make sure you overlap as well.. Tape the blade all the way to the toe.

tape your stick and over lap each piece

Now make sure you tape all the way through out the toe… actually over tape the toe so there is a tab of tape hanging over the blade… This is where the scissors come into play… See below…  cut the tape after you cover the toe of the blade like a sock over your foot.  Cover that toe! (you’ll thank me later)

Now with the extra tape around the toe… you are going to want to grab your scissors and cut along the outline of the hockey stick… Don’t cut the stick itself just the tape… So be careful at this point you don’t make an mistake… With a strong pair of scissors you will have no issue what so ever…  Doing this extra tape around the toe keeps from blade chips and pro-longs the blade as long as possible… nothing worst than a chipped blade then it crack and then it is time for a new stick..  with the expense of these sticks you can do a little preventative maintenance to keep these sticks looking and performing like brand new.

And there ya have it!  you have you ice hockey blade all taped up and ready for some hockey… Some like to keep it dry and some like to add wax… I am a wax guy so I will be doing a tutorial on “how to wax your hockey blade” next so I’ll link it from this one once it is done.  Hope this has helped and keeps your expensive hockey stick lasting as long as it possibly can…

On another note people ask me all the time “When do you tape your stick?” or “When should I tape my stick?”  well I usually tape my stick when the tape rips… I am pretty hard on my blades due to the amount of slap shots I take so the tape usually has to be changed after ever time I play…  But I find it as one of my “game prep” things I do now… It is very relaxing to tape up a fresh blade and wax it the night before a game…

So I hope this helps and if you have an questions or comments please message me on facebook at

Until then! fire some Upper Corner!
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Watch the Full Video of “How to tape your hockey stick My Way”  Below….



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